Hi. I'm Daniel Saiz.

A Telecommunications Engineer and a tech lover.

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I love to learn by developing new projects.

Scraping UC3M Alumni Database

Using some of the magic of BeautifulSoup to scrap Alumni data and export some interesting statistics about how long it takes to finish a degree in UC3M (Spain).

Data Wrangle OpenStreetMaps Data

Use data munging techniques to clean OpenStreetMap data, converting it from XML to JSON format, importing the clean file into a MongoDB database and run some queries against it.

Analyzing the NYC Subway Dataset

Evaluate whether or not more people ride the subway in New York City when it is raining than when it is not raining.
Analysis with different python tools like pandas, stats and matplotlib.

Biker Assistant

Android application that provides telemetry display, navigation and intelligent range estimation (Artificial Neural Networks) for
Bultaco Motors.
Full text is available here (spanish).

Secret Santa App

Simple Android App for making Secret Santa draws on a smartphone.
Install the App, create a group, add participants and make a draw. All participants will be notified by email with their result.

MLP Java

Simple Java ANN Multilayer Perceptron (MLP).
Artificial Neural Network based on Multilayer Perceptron using EJML library for matrix management.
Open source project.

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